Friday, December 17, 2010

Bundled and Full....

Oh the ideas of Home are flying in and around.... so....
We took one rehearsal off from prepping for APAP (yes. APAP... check us out on Facebook right here: Kinesis Project)
and began really diving further into Home, cycles of life, what you inherit, rituals around building a Home, and how those ideas translate into spaces inside and outside....
Madeline and Ben are building a "negotiations" totem pole, and Zoe is working with ideas of ritual....
We now have a flip-cam to dedicate to interviews and of course Skype will be a big part of that as well - so the next step is to move past our own thoughts, and into YOUR thoughts.

I am thrilled that we are supported and moving forward in this personal, yet universal theme...that the concept of crowd-sourcing is moving beyond finances and into how this art will actually be made....and that the myriad of environments we will visit to build this work are so full of potential!

and here's a lil' Mapping Home blog bonus!
Joe Silver was at our showing on Nov. 18 and took some great pictures:
Rebecca Patek and Hilary Brown

Zoe Bowick

Jun Lee, Madeline Hoak and Zoe Bowick

Benjamin Oyzon and Zoe Bowick

Rebcca Patek and Jun Lee

Jun Lee, Zoe Bowick

Zoe Bowick, Rebecca Patek, Hilary Brown, Ben Oyzon

Benjamin Oyzon

Ben Oyzon, Jun Lee, Madeline Hoak

Rebecca, Jun, Madeline, Zoe, Hilary

Rebecca, Jun, Madeline, Zoe, Ben

Zoe Bowick, Jun Lee

Jun Lee, Madeline Hoak, Zoe Bowick

Jun  Lee, Madeline Hoak

Hilary Brown


A.H. Dance Company said...

Merde with APAP! We are also showcasing at DNA on Jan.7th at 8:50 pm and again on Jan. 9th at 5:20 pm.

When are your showcases? I want to try to make it to one of them. :-)

Melissa Riker said...

Merde right back at you A.H. -
We are showcasing at City Center, studio 5 on Sunday - 10am, 11:20, and 12:40....
We are showing excerpts of Pressing Empty - the big evening length piece with tulle and brides ;)

Hope you can make it! and I will aim to see one of the DNA showings of your work - Looking forward to it!

A.H. Dance Company said...

I will try and make it to one of the showcases on Sunday.

Will you be attending any of the conferences?