Monday, January 31, 2011

Fire Escape musings Flipped and Edited...

Yippee! The project that I worked on while we were prepping for Mapping Home's initial showings
was called "Flipping With the Dance Enthusiast" and is done!
The assignment for the program is: "What is your day?"
So....I brought a Flip Camera with me to my morning to-do list, to rehearsal, on walks, to Halloween and to our showings....
those were the best ways I could think of to bring you into a day (or few)....
And this edit job of the team at Dance Enthusiast really does -

Many thanks to Homer and the wonderful dancers of Kinesis Project -
Zoe, Madeline, Hilary, Jun, Rebecca and Ben....without you, it wouldn't matter.
photo (c)2010 Jeff Danze

Ben, Madeline, Jun... photo (c)2010 Joe Silver

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