Friday, March 11, 2011

Five minutes of dancing.... in process

Hi there - I've been gone a while -
I admit it - but in that time, we were invited to take part in AEP, and thanks to that program, we've had our first group interview for MAPPING HOME -
(how completely cool it was too!)
There will be more coming soon - the events page on our website will fill up quickly, you just watch....

With many thanks to the brave individuals who came and shared their thoughts with us, I offer you our first bit work to come from the interviews: MAPPING HOME / this rock

The phrase work was created by Zoe and Hilary as they zoomed in on aspects of one of our interviewees who spoke of a rock on the tip of an island - each paid attention to a different aspect, one was focused on water, the other, on the foundation of rock...

This, as always, is a very first step - the first version is just their phrases put together as a duet.  Then as I was watching, I felt I wanted another layer....  So as always, layers lead to meaning, and I feel like we've hit a good groove with this beginning.

(rehearsal work in process)
Kinesis Project dance theatre
Mapping Home
Choreography by Melissa Riker, in collaboration with the dancers
Phrases created by Hilary Brown and Zoe Bowick from Mapping Home Group Interview #1
Dancers in full segment: Hilary Brown, Zoe Bowick, Madeline Hoak, Jun Lee
Temporary Music for piece - Meditative Voices

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