Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Whoa, New Blogger Interface feels so..... new.

HOME - take #798.
Walking into the first rehearsal back to MAPPING HOME last week felt a little nerve-wracking but easy - the beginnings of things are always a little funny that way...
First I worry I didn't bring all of the needed "supplies" to rehearsal (I didn't.)
Then I worry that the dancers will forget to come (they didn't.)
Once we are all there, listening to the current interview series (Group Interview #2) picking and choosing what moments we are each fascinated with and diving into work in our private corners --
After that.... it's all good and full of joy for me.

As an added plus, we very well may have invented the silliest performance game ever, thanks to Madeline being slightly run-down and preferring to hold a shape rather than move herself...

Between dancing and laughing ourselves to tears we definitly found the first steps of this newest segment for MAPPING HOME.

Tomorrow I'll edit together some videos of Life as it happened last week - till then, go Occupy something that matters to you and keep the faith that one good, honest smile toward someone can change the course of history.

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