Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Secrets and Seawalls -- the beginning

Did you think I had left you forever?
Not a chance.
I was napping, kind of.

Let's step into process again....for the first time in a while.

The question series to begin this process was:
Think of a secret.
Where does it live in you?
How does it move through you?
Where would it reveal itself?
and finally...
How would you reveal it to someone.

Here are some images from our Open Studio in which we worked through the movement that had been created over a few weeks from this beginning point.

....These are the beautiful people I get to work with to make dances:
Jun Lee, Benjamin Oyzon, Hilary Brown, Zoe Bowick Levine (and sometimes her son, Leo) missing in action is Madeline Hoak, but she'll be back in the mix soon.
Hilary's Solo in Trio - Jun, Ben, Hilary

Zoe, Hilary during the "Community" walk

Hilary's solo/secret

Zoe, Jun
Ben, Jun "Seawalls" section

Jun, Leo, Ben's shoulder

Jun & Ben hiding secrets

Ben's reveal

Jun, Zoe in Zoe's phrase

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