Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Video Proof... Secrets and Seawalls So Far

Hello friendly KP world...

I've had to create some longer clips for applications in the past few days, and clearly, this is the perfect place to share what we have so far discovered in this new process. 

The video below is from our first Open Studios for Secrets and Seawalls on May 20...

Generally, Open Studios occur after 6 rehearsals.

As you watch, remember the questions posed in rehearsal:
1. You have a secret
2. Where inside you does it live
3. How might it move through you
4. How/where on your body might it reveal itself
5. How would you reveal it to another person

FIRST OPEN STUDIO - this was a showing of the over arching ideas of the piece -

Secrets and Seawalls - 5 minute Clip - With Music from Melissa Riker on Vimeo.
This is a 5 minute segment of SECRETS AND SEAWALLS, the work that is in process and will premier in May 2014.
This clip, spanning 3 sections of the dance, is taken from our May 20, 2013 Open Studio at Gibney Dance Center.
It begins mid-trio with Hilary Brown (dancing with eyes closed) Benjamin Oyzon and Jun Lee - later, adding in Zoe Bowick Levine dancing with Jun Lee.
A dancer enters the stage walking backwards, curving her spine head first into space, catching her balance, slowly snaking and articulating her whole body. She makes a captivating, curving, articulate cross in silhouette that evokes both power and vulnerability.

She leaves, and another dancer enters, inviting an audience member behind a curtain. They share a secret, and the audience member resumes their seat.
This is the beginning of Secrets and Seawalls, a work that follows individuals and their intrinsic community through moments of hope and of loss.

Through dances with closed eyes, playful duets of secret stealing, choreography invented on the spot from audience interaction, and trios of dancers in constant movement, Secrets and Seawalls explores our deepest vulnerabilities and how we share, or don’t share, the secrets we keep.

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