Saturday, March 15, 2014

Transitions, Pepsi and what we do

Over the past few years Kinesis Project has been getting known as a dance company that creates large and small scale, surprise experiences....
And now, that's we've had our first commercial experience - I have to say I LOVE being that dance company -- skilled at creating layered post-modern dance while constantly energized by the world outside -- the surprising places in both urban and natural settings, where dances can live ---

So, here is our first major commercial experience... Live and in person....

Kinesis Project partnered with Flavorpill and created a Pepsi commercial for the #gethypedforhalftime Superbowl campaign.
We created 3 pop-up halftimes in 3 cities over 3 days.
The first was NYC on Jan 20, 2014.
Remember Jan 20th? it was a Tuesday... it was a blizzard.  Did we do it anyway? YOU BET we did.

Madeline, her acro partner Ben, Anjuli and Mia were dancing rockstars in the SNOW, and our Referee, Danny Moser was amazing at leading the Stonybrook Band right into and through the entire experience at Union Square and in the West Village..... Completely satisfying experience for all.
We created surprise, lots of joy and even had the magic of snowfall on our side....

Here it is:
here's the 30second version for those of you with shorter attention spans than me...
filming and edits by The Shed
(go ahead - google all of these people, they are amazing)

Anjuli Bhattacharyya, Mia Orozco, Ben Weston 
Referee: Daniel Moser 
Stonybrook Marching Band

San Francisco
Zoe Klein, Rodolfo Guzeman, Liz Tenuto, Pearl Marill
Referee: Tommy Shepherd
Patriot Brass Band

San Diego
San Diego State University Dance Team
Referee: Michael Maury
San Diego State University Marching Band 

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