Friday, April 16, 2010

Letting Go

Week 8, part II
I am writing this while traveling back to NYC from Syracuse -
This week grades were handed in, costume spreadsheets completed, and goodbyes gained momentum....
The past two days have a been a whirlwind of completing choreography with the Ensemble (Advanced) and my 1st Period class (Intro) -
I am proud of the work we've all done - and of the chances they took along with me on this curving 8 week ride.

And........I can't end the ride without thank yous to Karen Kotlar, my housemate and overall teaching mentor (whether she knew it or not) Bill Davern, and the amazing staff of the West Genesee Performing Arts Department - I am incredibly thankful for the speed of reaction, openness and clarity demonstrated repeatedly.

The appreciation I've been shown in the past two days is warming and wonderful - beautiful cards, both hand-drawn and purchased, gifties, cookies and multiple cookie cakes and treats! (I think I gained back any weight I might have lost in my time here simply by celebrating with cake or cookies every 41 minutes today!!)

Choreographically I am pleased - The Ensemble's piece has technique and loads of intricate personality that I hope they can keep with them for the next few months and the Intermediate classes have created pieces that beautifully express the creativity of each class.

I will be going back to see the final products in June - My hope is to offer the Standing Room open commission with them and possibly perform in the show alongside the dancers.

Besides the beautiful lessons these students have offered me: reminders of what it is to love immediately, the vulnerability of a wide open heart and the ease at which change can appear, effect us, and leave; I have learned much about myself - my patience levels, my ability to see what is in front of me, all I certainly still need to learn about grading, breaking down information and mixing playfulness with solid. The last I think I may have done successfully, but I'd love to know that I can offer more technique with my play over time.

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