Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why Flashmobs, and why in NYC?

In New York, we move through our days close together on the subway, quickly on the sidewalk and the escalator, dodging through Whole Foods, standing on line at Trader Joes, having a drink with friends, dinner with family and a show with a date.

Our lives are close-up, close-knit, and connected.

What happens when joy surprises us in our days?

Those NY moments when a little one is dancing to music in a subway station, a talented teen singing their heart out, a fantastic horn section in Union Sq. or street dancers with So You think You Can Dance level skills performing for you and 50 others on the A train?

You get a special moment of knowing. 

Knowing it is all because we have a connected, walkable city, a city celebrated in diversity of styles, cultures, foods and ways of emoting.

Now take one more step with me. 

What happens when one person, then three, then 10, then 20 begin dancing?  
When joyful, spontaneous celebration takes over Bryant Park for 4 minutes – Then what?
Smiles. Cheers. Laughter. 

I am a choreographer. I make flashmobs.  I do it because I have a fantastic company of dancers, a dedicated group of flashmobbers and a love of creating spontaneous joy.

Joy emanates from New Yorkers who have just been dancing and the New Yorkers who have been watching.  Smiles. Cheers. Tears. Laughter. It is utterly, beautifully, undeniably contagious.

Pure joy; the reason why so many people have flashmobs on their bucket list! 

New York is huge, full, rushing and busy – yet it has so much space – space for parades, street fairs, civil disobedience and dancing.

This dancing is what I can offer you – I will invent and scheme with you to bring joy to a location, shifting that space and time into a New York Moment of your own.

This is our city.  Here, anything, and any joy, is possible. Let’s dance NYC.

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